CTS now offers an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) course featuring the following tutorial:

Introduction to EFBs, EFB Operation, and Abnormal and Emergency Procedures. The tutorial contains interactive slides and learning checkpoints to keep the user engaged and assess their progress through the training. In addition to the visual learning experience, students will be able to test their knowledge with a comprehensive exam.

The Electronic Flight Bags subject is designed to fulfill the requirements of AC 120-76, AC 91-78, and OpSpec A061. Upon completion, pilots will be familiar with the different types and functions of EFBs, the difference between Type A and B applications, and how to respond to abnormal and emergency situations.

Not only are our training subjects built for excellence, but so is the entire CTS eLearning platform. Our platform offers both an administrator portal and a user portal. Users (students) and admins have very similar features, but admins have the ultimate customization and distribution of the training (meaning you don’t have to wait on us!). With your CTS it’s your pace, your rules, and, as the CTS Training Administrator, you get full access to your pilots’ training progress and have complete control over what they take and when they take it. Our training interface offers real-time subject tracking, so you can monitor progress and ensure deadlines are being met. Your CTS also offers features to customize training programs for your pilots. You can hand select which tutorials, lessons, and exams they take all on your own. No middleman, no miscommunications, just you manipulating the program to suit your operation’s needs.

Does that level of control sound a little overwhelming? We offer within-a-day customer support responses, with liaisons in-house for over the phone and email assistance during regular business hours and a 24-hour online customer support portal because we understand when we go home at the end of the day, that doesn’t mean the aviation industry does too. Be sure to check out our support website with an FAQ and a Quick User Guide on the platform. On top of our stellar customer support team, your CTS comes with an administrator guide laying out all the distinct features of the program.

CTS is the economical and feature-rich online aviation training you have been looking for. Ready to integrate Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) in to your current training program? Email content@ctsys.azurewebsites.net or call 316.265.1585 for more info.

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