Flight Planning: A dispatcher career can help land a plane

Flight Planning

Flight planning and communication with flight dispatchers play an important role in aviation safety

Flight dispatchers play an integral role in aviation safety. They are employed by a company or airline and are imperative to mission success. Flight dispatchers are often involved from the very beginning of flight preparation They are generally responsible for the vast majority of work that takes place in initial flight planning, including weather, routing, etc. While the ultimate safe outcome of a flight is the Pilot in Command’s responsibility it is important to recognize the pivotal role dispatchers play toward ensuring the safe planning and conduct of a flight.

Flight Dispatcher Training

Being a flight dispatcher requires a number of skills, some of which are innate, while others must be cultivated or learned. Being able to communicate clearly and concisely as well as being decisive may be some of the more obvious innate traits. However, other personality characteristics, such as a tendency to be thorough with a borderline obsessive attention-to-detail complex, are equally as important. While these qualities are desirable there are some hard defined requirements to attend dispatcher training. Firstly, the individual must be proficient and fluent in English. This makes sense considering that English is the international language of aviation. Applicants must also be at least 21 years old and hold a high school degree or equivalent. A higher education degree is not required and most importantly you do not need to have any familiarity with or a background in aviation.

Flight dispatcher training can be difficult. The stress incurred in training is likely only a portion of what a dispatcher will need to manage throughout their career, constantly working the ever revolving logistics associated with aviation dispatch. Though not for everyone, a career as a Flight Dispatcher can be greatly rewarding. Following a flight from planning to landing, and ensuring a flight’s safety along the route can bring a great sense of accomplishment, making this a rewarding career.

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