Performance-Based Navigation (PBN): New CTS Tutorial


Performance Based Navigation tutorial focuses on safety and efficiency in airspace

We are looking forward to sharing with CTS users our new Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) course. PBN is part of the initiative to modernize and streamline the National Airspace System. The performance requirements of PBN provide an added layer of safety and efficiency in airspace and procedure design. In addition, PBN procedures and routes help you save time and increase fuel efficiency, which also reduces emissions (good for you, good for the planet!).

Different types of PBN are used depending on the route, segment of flight, and area of operation. Our self-guided course contains tutorials covering an overview of PBN (RNP and RNAV), RNP APCH and Baro-VNAV operations, guidance for B-RNAV and P-RNAV in European airspace, and RNP procedures with AR (Authorization Required). In addition we have many interactive options for users to learn more. Be on the lookout for additional information provided in tab content and learning checkpoints.

In order to best serve our customer base we’ve organized the content to be modular. You can tailor the course to fit your area of operation and authorization based on material relevant to you or based on pilot assignment. This allows you to choose the elements of PBN applicable to your operation resulting in more efficient, effective training.

This new PBN course will replace our existing US RNAV Operations and RNP courses. Users who are already taking these courses will not need to do anything to access the updated course – it will automatically be made available, though the existing courses will only remain available for a limited time. Look for our email providing instructions on phasing out the use of the US RNAV and RNP courses coming to your inbox.

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