Online company manual training – how does that happen exactly?

Online Pilot Training

How company operation manuals become lessons

Have you ever wondered what happens when you send us a company specific operations manual for online pilot training lesson writing?

It all starts with an email or a call to the CTS Content or Sales teams. Once we receive an Operations Manual, we hit the ground running, and this is when the fun starts.

Right away, we check to make sure we know what you are looking for – if there is anything in particular you want (or don’t want), and how involved you want to be in the process. This is your training, so if there are any specifics you would like included, we’re happy to accommodate.

Then our Content team begins with a quick run-through of the document: what chapters are in it, how can the team best use our sources to provide beneficial lessons, and what categories of courses does CTS already offer that can be used to fill in any additional information or training.

Next we move on to writing the lessons. Our content writers champion each manual, reading each page and pulling pieces of information to write questions, and answers. If images would be beneficial to attach to a question, our team of graphic designers is ready to help with any image we need.

Throughout this whole process, our content team checks for quality. After we’ve uploaded the lesson questions to the CTS training website, we run through it all again to check for accuracy and ensure our training system is running properly. Once the content team has signed off on the new lessons, we let the client know it’s ready to go!

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re done – we constantly monitor client feedback and field any questions or updates as they come in to ensure your company specific lessons (as well as all our other lessons and tutorials) are most effective and accurate for the user.

Let us know how we can help you with your company specific training and testing! Have any other training needs you’d like addressed by CTS, we can do anything from conversion of your in-house training to function within the CTS Learning Management System (LMS) to building bespoke training. Feel free to email us at; we’d be happy to hear from you.



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