RVSM course gets updated and we couldn’t be prouder


Welcome to CTS: New RVSM Course!

We’re celebrating an addition to the CTS catalog – our new RVSM course is now up and flying!

With respect for our previous RVSM course, it was behind the times. Our new course has completely new graphics, audio, and is as up-to-date as a course can get.

RVSM is the designated special use airspace between FL290-410 which allows aircraft to fly vertically separated by a minimum of 1,000 ft. There is special training and equipment needed to fly in this airspace, so we’ve worked hard to ensure pilots know the rules to ensure safe flying.

This new course is also more user interactive than its predecessor. Be on the lookout for interactive slides, learning checkpoints, and example scenarios based on real life flights.

Users already taking our RVSM course do not need to do anything to access the updated RVSM course – you’ll see it in your menu.

For questions about this tutorial and others, feel free to email us at content@www.ctsys.com; we’d be happy to hear from you.



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