NBAA Launches Program to Help Part 135 Business Pilots


NBAA looks to help Part 135 business aviation pilots and companies get back in the air

If you’re one of the hundreds of pilots who have lost their Part 135 (or 91) Corporate or Charter flying job, then NBAA has some good news for you! They are going to help business aviation get back to work as we all recover from the pandemic that has traumatized the aviation industry. 

BizAv Back to Work” is the NBAA’s targeted effort to reopen and get back in the air. Their initiative will focus on expanding the employment services already in place by NBAA, as well as adding new employment-related resources and opportunities. All of the services provided will be free of charge and include:

  • 30 or 60 day postings for member companies on the NBAA jobs board
  • Best practice resume reviews for job seekers
  • The ability to add a resume to a searchable bank on the jobs board
  • An updated listing of the positions that will be posted regularly
  • New content that will be developed with tips and tools for those seeking employment

NBAA President Ed Bolan says that “This new initiative will put the resources in people’s hands to help employers find dedicated professionals, and help qualified individuals start or resume a business aviation career as quickly as possible”.

Details can be found on the NBAA website, the NBAA News Hour, NBAA Flight Plan, Business Aviation Insider, and other NBAA channels. We owe the people at NBAA a big thank you for their efforts to jumpstart the Part 135 world of business aviation. Hopefully we can all return to the skies in the near future and some sense of normalcy will return.

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