Part 135 Online Pilot Training: Take the Leap! Part II

Part 135

So you’re thinking about upgrading your training department and converting to computer-based….Let’s talk benefits! In my experience as both the student and the instructor, here are the top 6 benefits I’ve found for converting to a computer-based training department.


Everybody gets the same high-quality product. No more dragging in a substitute instructor on his day off to drone on and on about airspace because your lead instructor was called in for a trip. No more rescheduling classes because a pilot is sick and can’t make it in. Everyone gets to benefit from the same material presented in the same professional way.


A computer-based training program gives you options to customize the material to fit the exact needs of your flight department. If only half of your fleet flies in RVSM airspace, it’s as simple as making a few clicks on the administrator page to delete RVSM classes for some while you retain it for others. If you fly rotor wing and fixed wing, click, click and you have a training program for each group. Do you fly international? Click…add the International lessons for the routes that you fly. The administrator has complete power to add or delete as necessary to ensure that his/her people are fully qualified for the job that you pay them to do.


No more sleeping through class! Computer training is interactive and requires input from the student to keep progressing through the lessons. There are reviews and quizzes at the end of each unit, so students and instructors can monitor progress and even redo certain lessons for better comprehension.


Speaking of comprehension, the student is not allowed to progress to the next lesson without understanding the current lesson. A passing grade tells so much more than the blank stares that instructors usually get when asking if anyone has any questions! Chief Pilots and Flight Managers can finally sleep better at night knowing that their pilots are getting the most out of their training and usually at a reduced cost when compared to in-house training!


Videos, graphics, pictures, illustrations, references…. There’s no end to what is available to your pilots with computer based lessons, tutorials and comprehensive quizzes and tests.


Your pilots can complete their training on their own schedule. If they have an overnight, they can dig into their recurrent training. A 4-hour layover during the day? Do some more lessons. Do the kids have a game after school? Go cheer them on and then when they go to bed, finish up a unit or two. The online training system will open up the training a month before it’s due and the rest is up to the pilots. It’s a win/win!

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