Part 135 Online Pilot Training: Take the leap! Part III

Online Training for Pilots

Enrolling in online pilot training in a digital world

OK. You’ve made the decision to modernize your aviation training department to join the e-learning world. What now? Well, just like in the old days when the yellow pages let your fingers do the walking, online pilot training lets your fingers do the flying through your training! And you can be up and running in 4 easy steps:

1. Subscribe.

Enroll your company in an online training program. Make certain it’s provided by a reputable company like CTS, and that they offer programs to meet the specific needs of your company online pilot training requirements. Look for a system that will allow customization of each individual training course and that also offers numerous base courses to choose from.

Let the training company do the work for you. Let them hammer out the differences between helicopter and fixed wing training or between IFR and VFR pilots, international and domestic….

The days of you having to write training for each group are over!

2. Enroll.

After you’ve selected a online pilot training vendor, you’ll need to enroll each individual pilot, cabin crew member, maintenance technician, or anyone else you’ll want to train. Personal data such as hire date and equipment flown will help organize their training as efficiently as possible.

Each pilot is given a timeframe to complete their online pilot training, including a grace month. Each pilot will then have the opportunity to login using their own “user name” and password, so they can complete training at their convenience.

3. Customize.

Now is when you let your fingers do the work…as the administrator, you will have access to all of the subjects offered. In just minutes, you can select exactly what you need to offer your pilot group. Your online pilot training course will have customized training products, from initial to recurrent. This should be the standard for quality online pilot training courses.

4. Turn em loose!

Once set up, as each pilot approaches a training window, the online training system will provide them access to any required courses and that’s it! Each pilot uses their own credentials to get access to their training program. They can do as much or as little as they want at any one time, as long as they complete the work by the end of their grace month (or whatever date their training administrator feels comfortable with). You will be able to monitor their progress and keep a record of their training for the FAA and/or your own company records.

That’s it! Grab your golf clubs because your work here is done! Pretty awesome, isn’t it??

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