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Part 135 operators may have more sustainable fuel options soon

As part of an effort to support the sustainable fuel industry, Part 135 Fractional Operator NetJets has purchased a 20% share in WasteFuel, a company with an incredible vision for our planet. WasteFuel is on a mission to convert landfill waste into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2025. 

They currently have a plant under construction in the Philippines with the anticipated goal of converting one million tons of waste into 30 million gallons of SAF each year. What a win/win for the planet! Using next-generation technology, their sustainable fuel will provide an 80% lifecycle reduction in carbon emissions when compared to standard Jet-A. And think about what this will do for our landfills!

Worldwide, landfill waste is the third-largest source of methane produced by human activity. Because of its potency as a greenhouse gas, methane is often more damaging to global warming than CO2. Using this solid waste as a feedstock for the fuel will have far-reaching benefits for the planet and will also serve the future of aviation as our industry tries to do its part in sustainability.

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In addition to their WasteFuel investment, NetJets has also committed to buying 100 million gallons of sustainable fuel over the next decade. The fuel will be delivered to Los Angeles and then to other locations throughout their network. This announcement is in alignment with the introduction of their global sustainability program last October. NetJets currently operates more than 750 aircraft in their fleet and are looking for ways to advance sustainability across the industry. 

Once the Manila facility is operational, WasteFuel will then create four more sustainable fuel production facilities. Hopefully their expansion will continue throughout the world. If all the Part 135 operators would join NetJets in their attempt to support sustainability efforts, we would undoubtedly see a remarkable improvement in our planet’s well-being. If all of aviation joined in, the change would be nothing short of dramatic!

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