Pilot Training Scholarships and More from WAI Conference


Pilot training and women in the aviation industry were encouraged at the recent virtual WAI 

Pilot training isn’t the only thing that has moved online this year; aviation conferences have moved their events to the virtual stage too. Women in Aviation International conference just wrapped up it’s first virtual conference in March and it was a smashing success! Over 2.300 attendees participated from around the world and even though it didn’t have that one on one personal touch from previous years, the value and camaraderie were impossible to miss. 

The conference included keynote speakers, education sessions, scholarship awards, exhibits, professional development, workshops and seminars and even a ceremony for the WAI international Pioneer Hall of Fame inductees. Having a place where women pilots can come together to share stories, form lifelong bonds, network with potential employers, and share their passion for aviation is invaluable.


The 2021 conference included a NASA astronaut, top-level women executives, women engineers, pilots of all levels (even young student pilots), and aerospace professionals of all kinds. They shared their career highlights, the path they took to get to where they are, and what the future holds for other women following their career trajectory. 

And the scholarships! Oh, the scholarships!! WAI awarded $475,805 in scholarship money for “Academic use, lifestyle enhancement, and flight training.” 

Organizations like Women in Aviation provide such a great service to women pilots, from providing scholarship money to use for pilot training to reassuring us that it really can all be done; we are beyond grateful for all they do for us. For more information about the conference or to check out the organization itself, visit https://www.wai.org/.

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