Part 91 Owner-Operators Receive Help from NBAA    


Part 91 owner-operators have support 

A Part 91 owner simply flying their plane for business can have multiple challenges. Several owner-operators at my hometown airport are often looking to hire someone to fly with them. Honestly, it’s not a sought-after position.  

I get it. It’s bad enough to have the boss in the back and see what’s going on up front, but to have them flying the plane? Or even worse, watching YOU fly the plane – seeing everything you do and hearing everything you say? Then there’s the insurance issues. Trying to get a decent rate on a professional pilot with years and years of experience is challenging; I can’t imagine what the rate would be for someone who wants to fly their own plane.  

Well, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has some good news for owner-operators, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. NBAA announced the creation of a new Owner Pilot Association Coalition (OPAC). The coalition looks like it will offer significant value to those it represents. The group’s goal is to bring the leaders of business aircraft owner-pilot organizations together to discuss and solve the many issues facing this segment of business aviation.  

So far, leaders are advising the new coalition from owner-operator groups such as Cirrus, Citation, Embraer, Malibu, and TBM with more being added over time.  

The topics for immediate discussion include:  

  • Enhancing safety initiatives for this pilot group (their accident rate is higher than most)  
  • Finding a way to make insurance coverage and costs more affordable,  
  • Increasing membership and retention in the many owner-pilot associations that already exist, and  
  • Increasing the value proposition for the NBAA events specifically for owner-operator pilot groups.  

One of the reasons for the initial formation of this coalition was to help owner-pilots realize how aviation can help them meet their evolving business needs. There is no doubt that business owners need all the help they can get. What a great idea to have this group get together to brainstorm and produce actionable ideas for Part 91 operators to stay safe and save money! 

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