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Helicopter Training

Helicopter pilot training that combines upset and advanced instrument flight is ready

We don’t usually say the words “helicopter” and “aerobatics” in the same sentence, but that may be about to change. Helicopter instructor, Chuck Aaron, is going to be partnering with Southern Utah University (SUU) to bring helicopter upset training and advanced instrument flight training to the collegiate setting. It will be the only helicopter pilot training of its kind in the world. 

Aaron opened his helicopter aerobatic school in 2019 after spending decades performing aerobatics in a specially modified MBB BO-105 at air shows sponsored by Red Bull. He is uniquely qualified to offer aerobatic training and is one of only two in the world who are capable of teaching upset training in helicopters.

He has been researching advanced flight and safety techniques in helicopters for years and his groundbreaking work will continue as the partnership with SUU Aerospace begins in the coming months. The college will be incorporating the advanced training into their short term intensive programs. The flight portion of the program is intended for pilots who are already working in the industry. 

University students will not participate in the flight training portion of the program right now, but the aeronautical knowledge portion of the program will be incorporated into all aspects of their ground training. This will ensure the transfer of knowledge to the next generation of aviators, keeping Aaron’s legacy alive.

Industry professionals will complete their flight training in Aaron’s BO-105. To qualify for the training, applicants must complete an interview process and/or have an endorsement from their current industry employer. Aaron says this specialized training needs to become standard in the helicopter industry. 

His SUU partnership will open the door for more aviators to receive this valuable pilot training. With the questionable safety record of the helicopter industry, anything to enhance safety and save lives will be welcomed with open arms. Hopefully this program will make its way into mainstream pilot training for both veteran and student helicopter pilots. It can only improve the safety of the industry.

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