Pilot Training: How to Become a Professional Pilot

Pilot Training

Pilot training may be pricey, but offers multiple areas of employment

With the growing pilot shortage, a career in aviation is becoming more appealing to many. However, pilot training is notoriously time consuming and expensive. Luckily there are several ways to arrive at a point where you can earn an income from flying and several types of flying from which you can choose. 

The first choice to make is how you are going to pay for flying. Some people join the military and have their training paid for but serve an extensive commitment in exchange. Others take out loans and push through their training rapidly, but may accumulate notable debt in a very short period. Another school of thought surrounding flight training is to buy a lesson or two at a time. This last option can prove more challenging in regards to the actual flying since so much of flying relies on currency. 

For the vast majority of pilots the very first license earned is a private pilot’s license (PPL). Once you earn a PPL more career options make themselves available to help pay for more training. You may choose to earn hours doing survey work or crop-dusting, or immediately pursue additional ratings and licenses.

Some pilots choose to earn their commercial pilot license (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot (ATP). This is a very viable path and generally provides a broader selection of employment opportunities. 

After training, some pilots choose to become instructors themselves and there are multiple ways to teach in aviation. Certified Flight Instructors, Multi-Engine Instructors, and Advanced Ground Instructors all require advanced training to become familiar and fluent in flight maneuvers and aircraft procedures, but offer multiple job opportunities.

Regardless, of the training and job avenue chosen, aspiring-pilots can expect to study and practice a lot. Flying can be extremely overwhelming in its initial stages and there are several skills specific to flying that new pilots will need to learn. And once you’re a pilot, CTS can help you continue to train.

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