RVSM and ADS-B Updates


RVSM and ADS-B updates – now with more incentive

Tick tock, tick tock… The deadline is quickly approaching for ADS-B installation, but aircraft owners may get a pleasant surprise when it comes to RVSM authorization requirements. While the mandate for installing ADS-B Out is taking quite a bite out of the operating budgets of most general aviation flight departments as well as individual aircraft owners, there are several benefits and even some cost savings that will help ease the pain.

As of January, 2020, operators of aircraft with ADS-B Out equipment that also meet altitude-keeping requirements will no longer have to apply for RVSM Authorization for their aircraft. This rule change is expected to save time and money for their operators as airplanes will no longer need to be out of service during the application process. A previous RVSM maintenance requirement was also eliminated in 2016, once again saving time and money.

In fact, the FAA has extended their $500 rebate program to aircraft owners until October 1, 2019 (or whenever the allotted funds have been exhausted). If you have not yet installed ADS-B, now is the time. The government doesn’t give away money too often – go and get your share! Not to mention the fact that time is getting short with the approaching deadline. Maintenance shops and equipment manufacturers are backlogged, some for weeks or even months. Unfortunately, that could mean increased installation prices because of supply and demand issues, so if you have the time and money, go do it now!

The benefits of ADS-B now reach beyond the safety of everyone who shares the same airspace – with the elimination of the RVSM requirements, it now puts money back INTO your wallet and time back into your day!

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